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Monday, August 20, 2018

25 Interesting Facts About The Brain Psychology - LivelyFacts

What's the brain Sometimes it comes to my mind that even the brain is such a wonderful thing, it is ready for our orders all the time. Many times we are tired and say that my mind is not working today, it is tired but the brain is never tired. The human brain is the most important part of the body. It controls all processes and activities happen in the body. Without the brain, we never live. Hello friends, today we are going to tell you some interesting facts about the brain psychology, after which you will say why you did not tell earlier.

Facts About The Human Brain:

  1. If there is a lack of oxygen for 5 to 10 minutes in the brain, it can be damaged forever.
  2. The brain has only 2% of the body but it consumes 20% of the whole body blood and oxygen alone.
  3. Our brain continues to grow for 40 years.
  4. 60% of our brain has fat, so it is the body's most fat organ.
  5. Half of our brain can be removed from surgery and it will not have any effect on our memories.
  6. Children who learn two languages before they are 5 years old, their brain structure changes somewhat.
  7. If our brain is a computer, it can do 38 thousand trillion tasks in 1 second. But the fastest computer in the world can only do 0.002% of it.
  8. 10% of the brain's use is also not true, but all parts of the brain have different functions.
  9. The earliest mention of the brain comes from Sumer 6000 years ago.
  10. Being wet with sweat for 90 minutes, you can always become a psychopath.
  11. We do not remember the memories of a few years of childhood, because by that time "HIPPOCAMPUS "is not developed. It is a necessary part to remember anything. If there is any harm in this, our memories may be damaged.
  12. Little children sleep much because their brain uses 50% of glucose made by their body.
  13. Children of two years old have more brain cells than any person of any age.
  14. If you drank alcohol last night and now you do not remember anything, then it does not mean that you have forgotten all this, but after drinking more alcohol, the man does not remember anything new.
  15. One day we get 70000 thoughts in our brain and 70% of these thoughts are negative.
  16. Our half-body genes tell us about the texture of our brain, and the remaining half of the genes tell about the whole body.
  17. If you work long hours on your smartphone then your risk of developing the brain tumor increases.
  18. If the shape of the body is kept in mind, then the mind of man is bigger than all the living organisms. The size of the elephant's brain is only 0.15% compared to its body, but 2% of the human being.
  19. A live brain is very soft and can be cut easily with a knife.
  20. When someone ignores or rejects us, then our brain feels exactly the same as if it is the injury occurs.
  21. Nothing like the right brain or left brain is just a misconception. The whole brain works together.
  22. The scent of the chocolate spins the waves in the brain, from which man feels comfortable.
  23. The house in which there is a lot of confrontation has the same effect on the minds of the children of that house, such as on the minds of war soldiers.
  24. In the process of watching TV, the brain is used very little and therefore children's mind does not develop quickly. Children's mind develops more than listening to stories and reading because children read more, imagine more.
  25. Every time we teach something new, new wrinkles develop in the brain, and these wrinkles are the true scale of IQ.
  26. If you believe that we have taken good sleep, then our brain also considers this thing.
  27. The blink of eyelashes of our eyes is less than the 16th part of a second, but the brain maintains a picture of an object up to the 16th part of the second.
  28. Even after wearing a helmet, the chances of an injury to the brain are 80%.
  29. There is no vein of pain in a man's mind so it does not feel any pain.
  30. Thinking about the same thing, with a long tension, our brain loses its ability to think, understand and decide for a while.
  31. In drunk, the man's mind is in the same shape as the one doing the sex.
  32. To speed up the brain, put a henna on the head and eat curd. Because the curd contains amino acids that remove tension. And the capacity for the brain increases.
  33. The easiest way to speed up the brain is to drink water, drink a lot of water, with a glass of water, the brain works 14% faster. Unless the thirst is calm, then the mind of man has difficulty concentrating.
  34. Your brain is made up of 73% water but only 2% dehydration can affect your attention, memory and other cognitive skills.
  35. If a part called 'Amygdala' is removed from the mind, then fear of any of human beings will end forever.
  36. There is a 'Midbrain Dopamine System' (MDS) in the human brain, which sends signals to the brain about the events that occur. It may be that we call it only intuition or future forecasts. In the person's mind, the more developed the system can be, the exact prediction can be done.
  37. Our brain's memory is unlimited, it will never say like a computer that memory is full. It is a different matter that it forgets old things without any work, but when reminded of it, those things will be remembered immediately. Now openly remember what you want.
  38. The size of the grains of sand, in one piece of brain, consists of 100,000 neurons and 1billion synapses and the whole one maintains communication with each other.
  39. The human brain is also called a 'random thought generator'. On average, one brain produces 50000 thoughts per day.
  40. The strength of our muscles is limited by our brain, otherwise, it can lift a car too.
  41. Albert Einstein's brain was only 1230 grams (2.71 pounds). Which is 10% smaller than any normal brain, because the average weight of the normal brain is measured at 3 pounds. But neuron's density of his brain was much higher than an average brain.
  42. Our mind never tires, nor sleeps, nor ever stops working. When a person is asleep, he keeps doing his work even though we have dreams for this reason. A person's brain stops working only when he dies.
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