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Sunday, August 19, 2018

22 Amazing Facts About Human Body Part 2- LivelyFacts

22 Amazing Facts About Human Body - LivelyFacts
22 Amazing Facts About Human Body - LivelyFactsAdd caption

We think that we fully know our body. We know how they work and what kind of changes and processes happen in each other in the day. But in fact, the human body is a critical complex and mysterious mechanism that sometimes confuses maximum certified experts - medical doctors and scientists too. Today we are going to tell 22 Amazing Facts About Human Body. You will be surprised by reading them. And maybe you never heard them before. So let's begin.....

Facts About Human Body:

  1. Do you know our tongue print is absolutely unique for every people; Remember to show it to anyone!
  2. A hair can bear the weight of a hanging apple. However, scientists do not specify the size of apples.
  3. The quantity of microorganism in a person’s mouth is the same as the number of people residing on Earth, or even more.
  4. The people whose nails are soft and brittle, having no moon on then, should suggest an overactive thyroid.
  5. The pace of an incoming impulse from our brain is of four hundred km/h.
  6. During only one day, our blood runs 19, 312 kilometers
  7. The complete size of all of the nerves inside the human body is 75 kilometers.
  8. The human being on earth is the only organism that can pull straight line.
  9. The tongue is the strongest muscle of our body.
  10. Almost anybody inside the world has unique mites on their eyelashes known as Demodex.
  11. A human eye can distinguish up to ten million special shades of colors. But our brain can’t remember all of them.
  12. Our ears keep on developing during our complete life with nearly unbelievable speed — 1 / 4 of a millimeter in keeping with the year!
  13. Every day, the human frame loses about a million skin cells — that amount is 2kilos each year
  14. Our brain continues to grow for 40 years.
  15. 60% of our brain has fat, so it is the body's most fat organ.
  16. One square cm of your body pores and skin contain around a hundred pain sensors.
  17. Boys have a lesser ability to taste flavor than ladies do.
  18. The average person uses about 35 tons of food for eating during his or her lifespan.
  19. 100 thousand chemical reactions occur each second in human brains.
  20. The speed air leaving from your nose during the sneeze is 160 km/h.
  21. Smiling triggers 17 muscles of the face. but 43 while crying. So smile more!
  22. Our nose can smell 50000 smells.
  23. All human beings on the earth are different from their fragrance.
  24. Our body's immune system kills a cell once a day, which can lead to cancer if the breath is left alive.
  25. The eyes of the human body never grow, ie the size of the eyes from birth to death is always the same and the nose and ears are always growing, their growth never stops and this is the reason for older people's nose and ears are much longer
  26. Your brain is made up of 73% water but only 2% dehydration can affect your attention, memory and other cognitive skills. A live brain is very soft and can be cut easily with a knife.
  27. Children who learn two languages before they are 5 years old, their brain structure changes somewhat.
  28. Our cheeks are made of tissue from the inside, the vagina also forms from the same tissue.
  29. Food only takes 7 seconds to reach the stomach.
  30. At the time when we sneeze, leaving the heart alone, the whole body stops working.
  31. When a person is in a tension, the blood starts to thicken, which increases the chances of blood clot formation. This is the reason, that due to excessive tension the heart attack comes.
  32. Whether in the days or days you will call 'I Love You', in that time your 20000 cells will die, and they will also be born new.
  33. If a person is not able to cut his beard in his entire life, it can increase to 13 feet.
  34. The thigh bone is the largest and strongest bone of our body. It is four times stronger than concrete.
  35. The substance called 'Enamel' is the strongest substance in our body, its layer is cluttered on the teeth. If this layer is removed from the teeth, our teeth will disappear within a few days
  36. Death is due to the fear of a human being. Because of fear, an excessive amount of 'Adrenaline' is released from our body, which becomes poison when it is too high.
  37. If a man's brain is a computer, it can perform 38 thousand trillion operations in a second. But the world's fastest computer can only do 0.002% of it.
  38. Throughout life, we take more than 20 kilos of dust through our breath.
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