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Monday, August 20, 2018

22 Amazing Facts About Human Body Part 1- LivelyFacts

We think that we fully know our body. We know how they work and what kind of changes and processes happen in each other in the day. But in fact, the human body is a critical complex and mysterious mechanism that sometimes confuses maximum certified experts - medical doctors and scientists too. Today we are going to tell Amazing Facts About Human Body. You will be surprised by reading them. And maybe you never heard them before. So let's begin.....

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Human Body

  1. The human body can crumble in 230 places. 
  2. You have 200 muscular thrusts to move one step.
  3. The blood of the human body is six times thicker than water.
  4. Our hair is made of the same substance as nails.
  5. When we put water on our mouth, the beating of our heart decreases.
  6. To taste something, it is necessary to mitigate a bit in the mouth.
  7. When we wake up in the morning, when we get a white urea substance in our eyes, it is called 'eye buglers'. It is similar to urinating through our eyes in a way.
  8. The speed of semen relaxation by the dick is 40 feet per second.
  9. If all the living creatures on the earth are to be run, then only humans will run for the longest time.
  10. If you are standing comfortably in one place, then your 300 mussels are also being used.
  11. Our blood occurs 65 times a day with the kidneys.
  12. When a person starts crying, then he starts remembering the old bad things so that he can cry a little bit more.
  13. Standing in front of the mirror, speaking makes you mentally strong.
  14. Only the teeth in the whole body are something that can not repair itself after breakdown.
  15. Your mouth is filled with saliva 30 to 35 seconds before the vomiting; This is because it helps to protect the mouth from the dangerous acids of the stomach and it is also a sign of vomiting so that you can find a washroom soon.
  16. On earth, only a human being is such a creature who can draw a straight line.
  17. Throughout life, we break our fingers, about two and a half million times.
  18. Just feet, and in the wrist, our body has half bones.
  19. So much fat in our body that 7 soaps can be made.
  20.  The 'Synovial Fluid' found in our connections is the most slippery thing on this earth.
  21. The nerves that exchange the instructions in our body run from the speed of 170Mph.
  22. The acid found in our stomach can also consume the blade.
  23. The surface area of your lung is as much as a tennis court.
  24. Our heart pumps blood with so much pressure that it can reach blood 98 feet.
  25. The human body has more hair than a chimpanzee.
  26. We are 1 centimeter long in the morning than night.
  27. It's impossible to tickle yourself.
  28. In our entire life, we make so much saliva that 2 swimming pools are filled.
  29. The strength of our muscles is limited by our brain, otherwise, it can lift a car too.
  30. If the blood vessels present in the body are connected together then they will wrap the whole earth once.
  31. Only human is the organism that cannot breathe and swallow together.
  32. All human beings on earth have their own distinct smell.
  33. Instead of the hair of any part of our body, hair of our face grows fastest.
  34. The heat of the human body is so hot that it can boil 2 liters of water in half an hour.
  35. Our immune system kills a cell at least once a day, which can lead to cancer if left alive.
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